What I learned from being bullied

While I wish I’d never had to go through those horrible few years, I can’t deny that I did learn some important lessons from being bullied.

Firstly, bullying taught me the value of kindness and acceptance.

Experiencing the unkindness of bullying made me treasure and value kindness as a trait, because I remember what a difference it can make to someone who is unhappy and alone.


Secondly, I learnt that true beauty comes from within.

Following on from valuing kindness, being bullied showed me that true beauty is not upon the face, but in the heart. And that a person’s beauty is measured not by their appearance, but by how they treat others.

I know all of this sounds really cheesy, but it’s honestly true! If there is one thing I can say for certain, it is that displays of kindness, compassion and acceptance are proof of inner beauty.

It’s impossible to see someone as a attractive when they are constantly horrible to you, and vice versa, when you meet your true friends, they’ll always be the most attractive people you know, regardless of what they look like. Because no matter what social media or beauty standards say, goodness does shine through.

So while some of the people who make your life miserable may be considered to be physically attractive now, if their heart is unkind, then those around them will eventually stop seeing them as beautiful, regardless of what they look like.


Thirdly, I discovered my inner strength.

If you’ve been in this situation, then you’ll know that there really is nothing like bullying to beat you down and make you feel that you’re worth nothing. And this is how I felt too. But eventually one day I realized that even though my bullies where making my life horrible now, I didn’t want them to have control over who I was or my future as well. And so I forced myself to stop worrying about what they did or said, and swallowed my fear, and went ahead and did my thing anyway. Because even if they didn’t know who they were or where they were going, I knew who I was, and I wasn’t going to let them break me. Their unkindness and spite built a fire of defiance inside of me, and I wanted to show them that they couldn’t beat me down and that I would win out in the end. And it was this determination that lead me to Medical School.